Keeranur Arulmigu Selvanayaki Amman

அருள்மிகு செல்வநாயகி அம்மன் மற்றும் அகிலாண்டீஸ்வரி சமேத ஆதீஸ்வரர் திருக்கோயில் , கீரனூர், காங்கேயம். 

​​​​The Kangeyam (Kangayam) cattle are the native breed of this Kongu Region, where the Kangeyam Cows and  Kangeyam Bulls present a majestic look and a symbol of pride for the Kongu Vellalar Community. The cows and Bulls are very strong and can withstand hihgh temperatures and humid conditions. They are also highly reluctant to diseases or in otherwords seldom does any disease attack them. Though the volume of milk yield is not high, the quality of milk is very good. This is the real milk that is required for the Abhisekam of our Dieties, be it Lord Shiva, Goddesses Akilandeswari or Goddesses Sri Selvanayaki Amman. The fresh milked milk from the cow should be brought in for Abhisekam. In today's fast pace machine life world, this has been forgotten. The absence of Kangeyam Cattle in good number in each and every village or town is also a main reason. The cattle can flourish only upon certain conditions like the people growing it voluntarily and ensuring that proper insemination from the real Kangeyam Stud Bulls happen. In the last two to three decades there has been not much focus on this, thanks to the Milk Revolution and people blindly going behind Jersy Cows. However oflate, in the last few years there are a number of patrons who have taken painstaking steps to revive the situation and increase the number of Kangeyam Cattle. As Stud Bulls are required to inseminate and ensure disease resistant calves are given birth to, here is a list of owners across the Kongu region who prestigiously own the important classifications of the Stud Bull such as but not limited to Mayilai, Sevalai and Kaari. While steps are taken to refresh this list on a periodic basis, kindly note that this is not a Live list and changes can be expected. Please call the owners and ensure to get the latest update. Beyond that let us put our time, energy and money to grow proper and well nourished Kangeyam Cows and Kangeyam bulls. Its one of the foremost duties of each and every person of the Kongy Vellalar Community and inparticular, every person who come in the reins of the Keeranur Six Kula Kaaniyaalarkal. Integrated with this task is the need to have enough green space for the cows to freely roam around and gaze. In this era of moderinization, everyone has a zeal to set something up to up their financials and social status, but if that is achieved through the extinction of such species or even the green land, then these are short term goals and their benefits in longterm are none. 

Kangeyam Stud Bulls List

AreaName of the Owner/Name of the OrganizationType of StudMobile Number
Kovai, Sakthi CollegeSeelan ThangaveluMayilai8220155559
Kovai, SaravanampattiGowaradhanMayilai9043880143
Kovai, KaalappattiMuruganMayilai, Sevalai, Kaari9042002000
Kovai, ThondamuthurMr MuruganMayilai9842945937
Kovai, AlanthuraiYashwanthMayilai8072600609
Kovai, VeerapandiVivekam FarmsMayilai9842056669
Sulur, KannampalayamNavaneethaKrishnanMayilai, Kaari9976044486
PalladamArunMayilai9600374642, 9629714818
TiruppurDhanapalSevalai, Kaari9345635577
Tiruppur, RaakiapalayamBhagavathiKaari, Mayilai, Sevalai, Kaarankaalai7871345678, 7010658201
Tiruppur, AngeripalayamGopalSevalai, Kaari, Mayilai9171862425
Tiruppur, VijayapuramSivakumarMayilai7502207000
Tiruppur, PeriyapalayamOm Green ShopSevalai, Mayilai9500831888
AvinashiBoopathyMayilai, Kaari9500010920
AvinashiRaviSevalai, Kaari9790144400
AvinashiDhineshMayilai, Kaari7812031142
AnnurParameshMayilai, Sevalai, Pillai9715254777
Udumalai, SV PuramVijaySevalai9003508269
Nehamam, JakkarapalayamSampathMayilai, Sevalai9443449561
ArachalurKumaraswamyMayilai, Sevalai, Kaaraankaalai9442426868
ManiyanoorKandaswamySevalai, Kaari9442335322
Kangeyam, KaadaiyurKongu Ko SaalaiMayilai7502207000
Mayilai, Sevali, Kaari9865412345
Kangeyam, VattamalaiSivaShanmugamSevalai, Kaari96778155550
Kangeyam, PothiapalayamVivekanandhanMayilai,9842722074
Kangeyam, UthiyoorShanmugaSundaramMayilai, Sevalai9788540005
Kangeyam, KollanvalasuKrishnarajMayilai, Sevalai9788540005
Kangeyam, KaaraikattuPudurThangamuthuMayilai, Sevalai, Kaari
Kangeyam, KuttapalayamKarthikeyan - SKCRFMayilai
Kangeyam, Paappini